Yuri Vanetik

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Russiagate’s Collateral Victims: I Was Smeared Because I’m A Soviet émigré With GOP Connections

The Wall Street Journal, April 11, 2019:
Yuri Vanetik, coalition builder and entrepreneur, responds to the false information that has come out about him recently, before providing the accurate information. See what portions of the information is false in the response piece from Yuri Vanetik. Read the original piece from the Wall Street Journal here.

Eye On The Future: Yuri Vanetik

California Business Journal, April 5, 2019:
The California Business Journal spoke to professional Yuri Vanetik about the work he has done as an entrepreneur over the years. He also dives more deeply into his professional background, and how it helped him become the professional that he is today. Read the full article from the California Business Journal here.

From The Community: Yuri Vanetik Meets With The Patriarch Of Jerusalem

Chicago Tribune, March 28, 2019:
In March, Yuri Vanetik spoke with the Patriarch of Jerusalem to talk about some of the biggest topics around the world right now. Some of the topics included were reconciliation and world politics. Read the full article from the Chicago Tribune here. 

The Importance of Improving America’s Investment Policies In Africa – An Interview With Yuri Vanetik

Forbes, December 17, 2018:
As part of his research from working as International Private Equity Investor and American Political Strategist, Yuri Vanetik has found ways that improving the United States’ investment policies in Africa could be beneficial. He sat down recently to discuss his theory with Forbes in further detail. Read the original article from Forbes here.