With 2020 now upon us, we are now within a hair’s breadth of a new Presidential election. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and voters in 2020 will be faced with a truly dizzying array of candidates to consider. Here are just four big frontrunners in the lead up to November, and why wildcard candidates may have a big impact on how America votes in 2020.

Joe Biden
As a former Vice President who served under Barack Obama for eight years, Joe Biden is uniquely prepared to bring old-guard Democratic Party muscle to this year’s field of candidates. Biden will likely try to appeal to voters by reminding them of his ideological similarities to Obama, but many analysts believe that the stalwart politician will also be up against some fierce competition as election season begins in earnest: President Trump already appears dead-set on throwing hurdles in Biden’s way.

Elizabeth Warren
Incredibly popular with voters from seemingly all walks of life, former Harvard Law professor and current Senator Elizabeth Warren appears poised to bring a breath of fresh air to the Democratic lineup this year. Warren holds an ideological middle ground between Joe Biden’s moderate views and Bernie Sanders’s avowed socialist tendencies. That balance might just make her progressive viewpoints palatable to the kind of middle-of-the-road voters who tend to make up a sizable portion of the American electorate. Like Biden, Warren will also face the wrath of Trump voters in the run-up to the election: The President has already made Warren a central target of his attacks on the Democratic Party.

Bernie Sanders
Deeply popular with younger voters, Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders is prepared to bring his opinion regarding capitalism and Wall Street corruption if he can gather enough support from the electorate by November. Some hard-center voters in the US have historically been skittish about the kind of progressive viewpoints that Sanders espouses, but a population from the Great Recession may just be willing to consider him as their first choice later this year.

Pete Buttigieg
At only 37 years old, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is half the age of most of his competitors for the Democratic Party nomination. But his strong showings in Iowa have revealed him to be a candidate who is prepared to make serious headway in 2020. Of late, it is true that Buttigieg hasn’t been pulling in the numbers of candidates like Biden or Warren. But “Mayor Pete” still has several months to make a turnaround, and his supporters are as diehard as they come. That could make all the difference by November.