The 2020 United States presidential election is already heating up with many democratic and independent candidates throwing their hat into the race against current President Donald Trump. Voters have a difficult decision to make to narrow the Democratic candidate during the primaries. Learn more about the presidential candidates to make an informed decision.

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren has been a Massachusetts senator since 2013. Her platform mainly focuses on the current inequality between the classes. She wants an “ultra millionaire” tax to be placed on those who make more than $50 million per year. Warren believes that by doing so, this will help overhaul current housing policies.

Kamala Harris
The former California attorney general was elected as a state senator in 2016. She believes that being a woman and being half Jamaican and half Indian may help her appeal to Democratic voters. The ex-prosecutor is running on a wide-ranged platform, and she has hired several former Clinton aides to help her with her candidacy.

Joe Biden
The former senator from Delaware and two-term vice president to President Obama, Joe Biden is one of the top candidates favored to win the nomination. Biden believes that he can win the blue-collar workers that helped to nominate Trump. He has praised the American worker, pointed out the big corporations are not to blame for economic problems, and wants to improve healthcare by reinforcing and improving Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Beto O’Rourke
A devoted dad with three children and a former U.S. representative for El Paso, Tex., Beto O’Rourke announced his plans for running in March 2018. Voters who want O’Rourke to win the nomination like that he is young, passionate, and inspirational about improving the country. O’Rourke wants to change immigration policy and to give reparations for those with a family history of black slavery.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders is a Vermont senator who considers himself to be a democratic socialist. He ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries in 2016, finishing second. Sanders wants universal health care, offer free college, forgive past student loans, and end the war on drugs. He proposes to pay for these items by redistributing the wealth in the country by increasing the taxes on the top one percent of earners in the country.

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