We all hear about the two most common political parties, Democrats, and Republicans. We also continue to hear more about how liberals and conservatives compare to both one another and two other political affiliations. One trend that has seen a substantial escalation in recent years is the concept of an independent voter. Independent voters maintain a much different approach than other political parties and are making their name known. To get a better understanding of independent voters, and how they are influencing politics, it is important first to get an idea of who these voters are.

What is an independent voter?
In general, independent voters are defined as anyone who does not strongly identify with a political party. As a result, independent voters will vote for a candidate based on their viewpoints of various issues, and not by their political affiliation. Essentially, independent voters want to stress the need for open minds in each election, and not only vote based on the candidate’s political party.

Not surprisingly, the concept for independent voters continues to receive backlash from all political parties for a few reasons. As more Americans move to identify as an independent voter, it becomes more difficult to measure the stance on problems that the nation continues to face. In 2016 alone, 36% of Americans identified themselves as independent voters, more than democrats or republicans. As a result, politicians are finding it increasingly difficult to measure where the nation stands as a whole on difficult topics.

On the other hand, we are also continuing to see more support for becoming an independent voter. For example, The Politics of Becoming Independent Voting.org organization continues to advocate for independent voters. As part of their mission, IndependentVoting.org is hoping to use the nation’s democracy to not only develop our nation but eventually reform the political process. In particular, the organization states that as a result of the difficult political climate in today’s society, it has become too difficult for voters to claim an affiliation.

While the organization is working towards reforming the political system in today’s society, it will still take a significant amount of time to begin disrupting our current system. As more Americans now either support or identify as independent voters, it will continue to be important for the remaining political parties to make a stand on controversial topics, to maintain political credibility.