We Are Witnessing Peak Big-Tech Collusion, Censorship

Take a step back and a deep breath and look around you. We are right now witnessing extreme censorship, political favoritism, and tyrannical behavior by the big technology companies. This will not stand. It will not last.

Besides an anti-trust perspective, the silencing of conservative voices cannot, and will not, be tolerated by the Untied States of America.

Burdened by the world’s problems to date, the Trump administration has been seemingly silent on the issue. However, that seems to be changing. The banning of Alex Jones across the web, done in a tyrannical, monopolistic fashion, has shown these companies have ‘jumped the shark’.

No matter what you think of Alex Jones, ending free speech is not acceptable in this country. People get to speak, no matter the subject matter. Jones is not advocating violence, as those on the Left have done over and over again in the last several years (and they are still tweeting!). Even Bill Maher, not exactly a conservative darling, has come out in favor of allowing Jones to say what he wants, without fear of being banned from the public square.

President Trump made his opinion known (in a tweet) yesterday and said the ‘destruction of voices’ will not be allowed under his administration. We also saw the first shot in a long war recently as the Trump administration filed a complaint regarding Facebook and the way it targets customers, avoiding certain protected classes.

It seems POTUS and his team have been thinking about this issue for some time after all.

If there is one thing Trump is, he is reliable. He does what he says. This is why I think the Feds are about to come down on big-tech in ways they do not yet fully understand.

Any campaign targeting big-tech’s malign behavior has to be done legally in a procedure that will stand the test of time, and the certain appeals. The Facebook complaint is interesting, although seemingly going after civil rights issues, the complaint targets Facebook’s entire business model, potentially crippling the giant social media network over time from a revenue standpoint.

This is asymmetric legal warfare at its finest.

The pressure from conservative circles is becoming immense. Now truly the only real, classical ‘liberals’, as in those standing for freedom, those that remember how American was founded and how it used to be, where the Bill of Rights was adored, will fight to the death to get this America back.

So, we are seeing peak Marxist corruption in the United States.

Time will tell what form the resistance to tyranny will take.

About The Author
Yuri Vanetik is a Political Coalition Builder, Private Investor, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur that has become known as an expert in business and policy. In addition to working as the leader of Vanetik International, LLC, a corporate management consulting firm, for nearly 25 years of experience, Vanetik has also worked on several political campaigns. In addition to his political work in California, he was also in the state finance leadership for Late Senator McCain’s Kitchen Presidential Campaign. Yuri Vanetik has been featured in a variety of notable publications, including the Wall Street Journal, California Business Journal, and Forbes, to name a few.

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