Image by NASA
The Shuttle Enterprise rolls out of the Palmdale manufacturing facilities with Star Trek television cast members.

President Trump’s Space Force has born the brunt of late-night comedian jokes since the concept was rolled out recently. Ironically enough, Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, dubbed ‘Star Wars’ by the anti-American Left, was also pilloried by Hollywood and television, not to mention Democratic politicians.

However, just like Reagan, Trump will be found by history as being spot on. Currently we rely on our missile defense to protect ourselves from rogue nations like North Korea or Iran. Perhaps we don’t have the capability to deflect a full-blown Russian attack, complete with Moscow’s countermeasures, but we can stop a missile or two from being detonated over the homeland.

Today, U.S. representatives called out Russia for developing space weapons, highlighting the strange behavior of a Russian satellite in an atypical orbit.

China and Russia are full-steam-ahead on weaponizing the final frontier; they have been for some time, decades. They believe that asymmetric warfare, targeting America where we can’t defend ourselves, and where the attack will have the greatest impact on our ability to wage war, means to destroy our satellites, or make them ineffective, very early in a conflict.

Of course there will be push back from within the Department of Defense, as service chiefs foresee losing money, power, and influence within the Pentagon. This will be just like when the U.S. Air Force was established, which created a firestorm of protest with the Army and the Navy, which in the end had to share the pie with the old Army Air Corp, siphoning off resources from expensive, and possibly outdated, obsolete weapons platforms, in favor of Air Force power. The two older services have not gotten over it, to this day.

Trump needs to press forward. Russia and China’s hypersonic weapons are said to be a decade ahead of our capability, after the treasonous neglect of our military during the Obama years. There will be whining and screaming from the other services, but only another service being stood up will guarantee that space will receive the attention, coordination, and resources it deserves in order to defend the republic appropriately.

America needs to unleash its army of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to make sure we have the ability to deter any attack from orbit on the United States. The threat is real and a clear and present danger. Don’t let the comedians bother you President Trump.