Trump is doing a reset with the world

The Hillary reset with Russia’s Lavrov, complete with plastic button, was a farce. In reality, Russia’s malign activity mushroomed under the Obama administration, emboldened by Obama’s weakness and lack of competence in being the leader of the free world. Freedom collapsed more under Obama than any president in recent memory.

We saw this phenomenon in the Middle East, in Ukraine, in the South China Sea, and in Iran.

President Trump is restoring the march to freedom that went dark during the Obama days. He is conducting a ‘real’ reset with our adversaries, resetting American power projection capability, and with that, our national security.

Under Obama, Russia was allowed to take territory, China was allowed to militarize important international waterways, North Korea was allowed to get the bomb, and Iran was allowed to cement a Shia land bridge from Tehran to the Mediterranean.

Using the range of American power, Trump has been able to put a stop to all of this. Iran is the most significant example. Tehran is being forced back from Israel’s border in Syria, and the Mullah’s economy has been shattered with the imposition of new sanctions. Civil unrest is now a major problem for these murderers; the regime is in peril as Trump ramps up the pressure. The Iranian people are tired of their leaders supporting proxy armies in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, while they don’t even have fresh water to drink.

In Ukraine, Trump has armed Kyiv with sophisticated weapons, including Javelin anti-tank rockets. Recently imposed sanctions against the Kremlin may seriously destabilize the Russian economy, as it teeters from lack of Western capital. Trump has checked Russian advances in Syria, and put America’s ally, Israel, front and center again when it comes to American national security, even finally moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Regarding trade policy, Trump has imposed tariffs on products from a range of countries, the largest being China, as POTUS attempts to put America first and rectify decades of flawed giveaways to Beijing by several American administrations. The U.S. Navy is stepping up patrols in the South China Sea.

However, the most spectacular feat of the Trump administration has been the slowing of North Korea’s advance towards a nuclear weapons delivery capability that can threaten the U.S. mainland and our allies in the Pacific. There has not been a nuclear test or ballistic missile flight in months. Yes, Kim Jong-un in stalling, constantly testing the Trump administration. However America refuses to relieve the military and economic pressure.

Yes, a real reset is happening in American power and power projection capability, across the globe. It is a sight to behold.