Tell Me Again Why We Need To Expand NATO To Include Ukraine And Georgia?
Image by DivineDanteRay

So American men and women need to die for Ukraine and Georgia, frozen conflicts of the former Soviet Union? Where Russia current is in a hot war in one and a Cold War in the other? This is pure war-mongering.

Over 10,000 people have died in the ongoing hot war in Donbass. Hundred died in the conflict with Russia over South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This is insane.

I’m all for helping out the Georgian and Ukrainian people fight back against Russian aggression on their territory. However, this is NOT a national security priority for the United States. In fact, you could make the argument that putting our blood and treasure on the line for territories that are still going through the fallout from the breakup of the Soviet Union as a ‘threat’ for U.S. national security.

Russia sees NATO expansion as a threat. That is a fact. The purpose of NATO was not to defend the world against possible Russia aggression. The purpose of NATO was to defend the WEST against Soviet aggression. How it has come to be expanded into Central Asia is beyond me.

I don’t have children, but if I did, this would really piss me off. There is no need for my possible future son or daughter to put her life on the line for Ukraine or Georgia, or Montenegro, Macedonia, or Albania for that matter.

NATO is not securing world peace with these moves; on the contrary, it is stoking the fires of nationalism and insecurity on the part of the largest nuclear adversary in the world.

This is not smart. It makes no sense. No, this is an agenda. This is an agenda by those in the Deep State who want a conflict with Russia at any cost.

Why in the HELL would America get involved militarily in Ukraine, or put our national pride and stamp on Ukraine’s security? The Russians think of Ukraine like Texas, a long-term vassal that at the end of the day will be Russian. To move NATO forces into Russia’s underbelly of Ukraine is just asking for a major conflict.

At some point, we will poke the eye of the bear hard enough. Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? Why were we angry? Because Russia had put nuclear missiles within 90 miles of the American mainland. We want to do the same and call it NATO expansion.

I only ask why?