Protestors in Iranian city fight police water cannons

This time it is real in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Demonstrations are spreading across the country. The regime cannot stop it.

On the surface, the people are angry about small things like the collapse of the Iranian currency and the hardship that comes with it. They are angry about not having enough water. They are angry at the horrible economy. They are angry about fuel prices, taxes and fees, and government intervention in private transactions.

However, deep down inside, they are angry at being repressed and controlled by a brutal, murderous regime. They are tired of the fear of arrest, the fear of imprisonment, the fear of torture, and the fear of death.

But now, the people have also lost fear of the government security forces. There is strength in numbers.

They have confronted regime thugs, chased them down streets, and even burned their motorbikes in rage. They have continued to protest even when faced with insurmountable odds.

It is times like this when real change can happen in a country. Similar changes have come before in human history. With the right support from outside Iran, the people of the Iran can effect regime change from within Iran.

They do not want our military help. They do want our financial help.

Trump is on the right track. The Mullahs are cornered and they know it. Hence to Iranian naval maneuvers in the Persian Gulf, threatening to close and block the strait if Trump cuts oil exports from the Islamic theocracy, cutting of revenues for the evildoers to spread their hatred and death.

Of course, Trump should cut off the oil anyway. Iran is no match for the U.S. Navy, or the U.S. Air Force for that matter.

You don’t appease a thug by agreeing to his demands. No, you confront him.

I am not calling for another war in Iran. The American people have had enough wars.

What I am calling for is smart, economic and political power to push this regime over the edge. If we supply the anvil, the Iranian people will do the rest.

They are shouting, “Down with the Mullahs! End the regime! Down with Rouhani! Down with Khamenei!”

It is time to help the Iranian people realize their dream of a free, modern, engaged, and yes, peaceful Iran.

This can happen in our lifetime. It can happen soon. It can happen without warning.

Our American children’s peaceful future depends on it.