Yes, it is good to support free trade; free trade can work wonders in growing the global economy. A rising tide lifts all boats.

But it has been a pipe dream.

I used to always wonder how America could handle these huge multi-hundred billion dollar trade deficits. And, I always just figured that there was someone looking out for the country in government, someone, or some group, who would make sure America was not getting harmed by these massive trade deals.

However, now I realize, there wasn’t anyone. There wasn’t anyone because the GOP had sold out to a few wealthy donors and corporate groups; they did not, and still don’t, care about middle America, and their well-being. It is truly a shocking revelation, one I probably knew the answer to all along but just didn’t want to admit it.

The reason it seemed like we were always getting screwed, for decades, was because we were.

The lack of candor in dealing with illegal immigration by the GOP leadership, in the face of President Trump’s courageous push to finally deal with this scourge on American workers, is truly a saddening experience. Trump campaigned primarily on the immigration issue. It is what turned out millions of supporters at rally after rally during the 2016 election campaign. It is what galvanized the working man and woman throughout the land for Trump, Republican, or Democrat, or Independent.

I watched a talking head tonight on one of the cable news channels say the issue was like Lucy pulling the ball out from under Charlie Brown. “We’ll fix it next term,” they said. Well, it’s been 32 years since Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty and they still haven’t fixed it. They are never going to fix it.

Why? Because business wants the free labor. They are no longer American; they have morphed into some kind of globalist monster, literally taking food and a healthy future away from Americans in places like Pennsylvania and Michigan. America has just become a market for them to feed, no longer anything worth fighting or dying for.

Those pushing these open border policies are above all that.

Mitch McConnell, tonight when asked if the immigration issue would be dealt with prior to the 2018 midterm elections said, “probably not.”

That’s alright, Mitch is still getting his families shipments from China. The Koch Brothers are still getting their cheap labor. The Chamber of Commerce is still getting its hundreds of thousands of H-1B visas.

And Middle America is still getting screwed, even after Trump got elected.

Go for it Donald – shut down the government if you don’t get funds for the wall.