Trump Really means it this time with Iran
Image by Cartoons by Barry

With the Pentagon and Iranian Revolutionary Guard generals trading threats today in the international media over free passage in the Strait of Hormuz, if find it striking that once again, the United States is moving closer to an armed conflict with its arch enemy since Jimmy Carter, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Even though America is now, depending on what month you check, the number one or two largest exporter of hydrocarbons on the planet, we still import a large quantity of oil from the Persian Gulf, through this tiny straight that Iran controls, with its ramshackle navy and fleet of small, fast-attack boats. However, this time, its seems the Mullahs are underestimating the American president; they were spoiled under the previous appeaser in The White House, Barack Obama.

The Trump administration has made a decision that there can be no peace in the Middle East, no security for the only democracy in the region, Israel, and no stable supply of oil (and low prices) with the Iranian regime still in power. This makes perfect sense of course, because this national security finding is completely true. Iran is destabilizing every country from its borders to Lebanon. The regime is very busy attempting to set up the famed ‘Shia crescent’ from Tehran to Syria, threatening the very existence of Israel. Iran controls Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon, and the Iranian-backed militias operating in Syria and Iraq. If they can unite all of these forces all build a Shia land bridge to the Med, Katy bar the door.

There is no way America can, or should let this happen of course.

The Iranians are operating in an old paradigm. They think that once again, they can pull the wool over the American’s eyes. They believe they can continue to operate with impunity in the Middle East and Europe, fomenting, and executing terror attacks by their web of operatives strategically placed, even in America. The Mullahs think they can continue to operate with impunity in the Persian Gulf, maybe even capture some more American soldiers, and make them beg and kneel in front of the cameras, as our previous Dear Leader Obama allowed them to do, on purpose of course, I might add. There was not any degradation or weakening of America that Obama didn’t revel in.

I honestly don’t think the Mullahs know who they are dealing with.

I can imagine the skippers of American vessels in the Gulf are itching to let loose with offensive measures against the small Iranian boats that harass them constantly.

Donald Trump may just give them that chance.

Yes, Trump has decided the Mullahs need to go. The recent terror attempt in France at the Iranian resistance gathering only proves that point concretely.

Just like the media, the American Left, the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, et cetera, have all underestimated The Donald.

It won’t be pretty for Iran either.