Shia Middle East

Iran covets the creation of a ‘Shia crescent’ from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. This is the dream of the Mullahs-a string of proxy militias, from the border with Iraq to the border of Israel, an impenetrable wall of Shia Islam that Israel cannot overcome. In other words, the eventual strangulation and destruction of the Jewish State.

The real Islamic State, the Islamic Republic of Iran, is not bent on restoring the greatness of the Persian kingdom. No, they are doing what all ‘-isms’ eventually do, turn to totalitarianism and rule for the benefit of only the elite class, enriching themselves and spreading their malign influence as far and as wide as they can.

This is why President Trump is so spot-on correct to remove America from the Iran ‘deal’. Not only did the Obama agreement (which was not ratified by the American people) codify Iran’s efforts to support terrorism worldwide, and enable the development of its ballistic missile program, it simply delayed its acquisition of a nuclear weapons capability. Even this claim is questionable, as the West is not able to inspect Iran’s military sites and the program may be following the North Korean model of obfuscation and lying while enriching as much as possible. In any event, we KNOW the ballistic missile program is in full steam ahead mode.

The Mullahs were riding high under the weakness of the Obama administration. Their weapons programs were set to full throttle, their bank accounts were gushing thanks to plane loads of cash in the middle of the night from Hussein in Washington, and their armies were marching all over the Middle East, even up to the border of Israeli border with Syria.

Russia was even selling Tehran boatloads of very sophisticated missile defense systems with many more goodies to come from Moscow, who was desperate for the cash from the arms shipments.

Yes, the Obama ‘deal’ was a great deal for all of America’s enemies.

The Shia land bridge to the Syrian port of Tartus was finally realized.

Iran would finally be able to resupply its vassal of the Assad regime and also its proxy army in Lebanon-Hezbollah.

The largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, almost had all of its dreams come true. But then along came Donald Trump.

Europe is still mesmerized over the amount of money it could make in Iran. Russia is still longing to sell (and get paid for) the boat loads of weapons the Iranian market represents.

But thank God, America, and Israel can sleep at night, as The Donald is in The White House, and the Mullahs dreams of a land bridge to the Med, are once again just that-dreams.